Dream of: 16 August 1992 "AWOL"

I had recently received a notice that I had been drafted into the United States army. I went where I was supposed to be the first day – but the second and third day I didn't go in. On the fourth day I found myself sitting at a table in a cafeteria. I was quite concerned that I was AWOL and I discussed it with two fellows sitting at the table. The man sitting across from me was the actor Steve Martin. I was surprised such a famous person was sitting here talking with me; but since he seemed courteous and inclined to do so, we talked.

I explained that I was thinking of leaving the country. I would simply go to Mexico. I was concerned my passport would expire in 1996. But thinking about what had happened to me in Iran, I told them I had once before changed my passport – it could be done. I might be able to change the expiration date.

Martin seemed concerned by the idea. He seemed to think I was going to end up in jail. I talked with them a short while longer and then walked to another part of the room where I encountered Austin. He was working on a television; I helped him hook up the antenna. I was impressed by the knowledge he seemed to have about televisions.

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