Dream of: 15 August 1992 "Pig On My Head"

I was watching a newscast about a disaster. The bodies of many dead boys were flowing in a flooded stream; rescue workers were trying to retrieve them. The face of one boy was shown; how shocked the boy's parents would be if they saw his face on television.

Another scene showed a riot taking place in a foreign country. After one man had been attacked, he began kicking in karate fashion. Had he practiced a long time to be ready for such an event?


Carolina and I were in the living room of an apartment inhabited by an Hispanic family whom we knew. In one corner of the room was a single bed on which a black-haired man probably in his early forties was lying under the covers. Slovenly and overweight, he was the patriarch of the family. The man was disgusting; he wasn't properly caring for his family. As I approached his bed, he suddenly jumped up and ran to the other side of the room, clumsily trying to hide a small, purple, cloth pouch which he was carrying. But by his actions, I almost inferred he was trying to draw attention to himself so I would take the pouch from him. That I proceeded to do.

He seemed to be clothed in only a strip of purple cloth wound around him several times, and when I approached him, I detected a slight stench of old feces, as if he had failed to clean himself. I quickly wrested the pouch from him and from it extracted a coin. The coin was quite beautiful and probably valuable. It was silver, about the size of a nickel, with gold design inlaid on it. I quickly saw a small "s" on it which I thought made it more valuable.

As the man babbled about the value of the coin, I found a red book which listed the values of coins. After seeing the exact date on the coin, which was in the 1800s, I looked it up in the book, and found that it was worth about $150. The figure seemed to be disappointingly low, and I looked at the front of the book to see when it had been published. It showed the date of 1988, and I thought perhaps the prices of coins had risen since then.

The man told me to be sure to look closely at the detail of the coin. I saw that it had the design of fruit hanging from a tree and a bird in the tree. The back was just shiny silver; it was almost in mint condition. Someone else wanted to see it, and when I handed the coin to the person, I told the person to hold the coin by the edges and not touch the surface.


Going to the pouch again, I was surprised to find a baby flesh-colored pig inside the pouch. How had the pig been able to live in the pouch? I pulled it out and set it upon my head, where it rode precariously. I looked in a mirror at the pig sitting on my head. It had a white cloth bound around its snout. I wondered if the cloth impeded the pig's breathing.


A woman who had also been lying under some covers in the room rose and walked over to some stairs. I knew the woman and had always thought she had extremely large breasts. But now she was naked, and I could see that her breasts were quite small. It was her stomach which was large. I tried to see as much of her as I could, but she quickly disappeared up the stairs. Maybe I would see more of her later.

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