Dream of: 08 August 1992 "Sick Family"

Two men (one was my boss) and I were in an upstairs room of a house. My boss somewhat resembled John Wayne Gacy (as he was portrayed by Brian Dennehy in the movie To Catch a Killer).

In the room, up above our heads, were some bars with chains hanging down from them. I was able to grab one chain and swing on it. I was even able to swing outside the house and I saw that we were quite high up, probably around three stories. Several bars had chains; I could swing to the other chains but I didn't grab them; I stayed on the one. The swinging was quite dangerous – I stopped. I fretted my boss and the other man might be perturbed by what I was doing, especially when I noticed some writing which said around 60 people had recently been injured in accidents by using the bars and swinging on them as I was doing. Another note talked about how the manufacturers of the bars were insured against any injury which occurred while someone was using the bars.

My mother, downstairs, was getting ready to leave. This man wanted me to stay there and chat with him and another man for a while. I stayed for a long time, but finally I told the man that I had to leave because my mother was waiting for me. I patted him on the back of the head and told him that I was leaving and that I would see him the next day at work. He was in the middle of telling a story, and for that reason I thought I might be being impolite by leaving. But I had to leave; I walked downstairs.

The downstairs seemed like the House in Patriot. I walked outside, where I found my father lying dead. He was quite thin; he looked as if he were about 30 years old. I picked him up and carried him into the House. I walked away from him for a short bit, then I came back. My father stood up – he was alive! He lay back down in a bed. He was extremely ill. He was unconscious. I could do little for him except cover him and try to keep him warm. I felt quite sad about his condition.

My mother had already left. My brother Chris and my uncle George were also upstairs; they were also in bed and ill. It would be best if I went upstairs to take care of them. They were also unconscious; it would be a while before any of them would be well.

I checked all of them; they were still warm and alive. They all had covers on them. At one point when I was checking the covers on Chris, I thought he might be too hot and I asked him about it. He was momentarily conscious. He told me that he actually felt cool and that he would like to be a little warmer. I would probably have to stay there several days and continue taking care of them. I might even have to clean them if they had to go to the bathroom because they wouldn't be able to get out of the bed. I would just have to do it if necessary.

I was concerned my mother had simply left me there to take care of them. But I would simply have to do it. Obviously they all needed help. I would like to move my father upstairs, but that would be too difficult; I would probably have to leave him downstairs. I would have to move back and forth between upstairs and downstairs.

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