Dream of: 27 July 1992 "Shooting Birds In China"

I had arrived at a cabin in the mountains, apparently in China. A guide was showing me around. Through carefully designed orifices in the floor of the cabin I had a splendid view of the valley below, where I could see lakes with many people swimming in them. The people looked so small I couldn't tell whether they were men or women. There were also places to swim next to the cabin.

My guide told me it would cost $500 for me to stay here. I thought that was too much, haggled with him, and finally persuaded him to lower his price to $200.

After the guide left, another fellow walked in, and I realized I would actually be sharing the room with several men. Since I had taken off my pants, I rose and put on a pair of recently purchased blue and white swim trunks. I looked around the room and saw several different beds. It appeared that about six people would be staying here. Some people had already put their belongings on a bed to claim that bed as his own. I thought it would be somewhat crowded, but tolerable.

I pulled out a large map to see where I could travel to. I had a car with me. On the map I saw a road which went in a large circle through the mountainous area where I was.

I looked outside again, and on the mountainside below me, thought I saw someone with a large rifle preparing to shoot something. At first I thought the man was trying to shoot a moose, but then I saw that it was a bird, perhaps an eagle. In my mind I imagined what it would be like to go down, attack the man and pull the gun away from him. The image became so vivid, it seemed as if I were actually attacking the man. After a fierce struggle, I wrenched the gun from him and pointed it at him. The man (an oriental) took a karate stance as if he were going to attack me. Finally he backed off.

I imagined what it would be like if I actually knew how to use the gun and shot it a few times, not at him, but just to show him I was good at handling a gun.

I thought I needed a good reason to explain to him why he shouldn't be shooting the bird. I thought he might be a foreigner who had come here. I was going to point out that the birds were nesting and show him the bird's nest.

I thought it was simply atrocious that he was killing birds here.

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