Dream of: 24 July 1992 "Singing In German"

My father, my sister and I had gone on a trip through a mountainous area of the United States. We traveled all day in a Volkswagen Rabbit which I was driving. The following day as we started to take off again, my sister was sitting in the back seat. As I began to back out of where we were, I asked her to move over because she was blocking my vision. She refused to move and I asked my father to make her move, but he wouldn't do it. I was able to back up, but after driving for a short distance, I stopped and said I wasn't going to drive anymore. I felt I needed to have control of what was going on inside the car. Since I obviously didn't have control, I didn't feel I should continue driving.

My father and I traded places in the front seat and he began driving. His driving frightened me because we were going so fast and I knew if we wrecked in such a little car, it could be a disaster.

My father began singing in German in a deeply resonant voice. I was impressed that he could sing in German and I thought there might be a lot of things he could do that I wasn't aware of. I still wanted to get out of the car and at the first opportunity I did so.

Outside I found myself at the top of a craggy rock column. It was dangerous as I began descending. Among the rocks I noticed what appeared to be large books. I opened one and saw white sculptures of people pressed flat between the pages. It seemed very curious to me that someone had placed the sculptures in the books and then put the books in the rocks.

I continued my descent until I was finally safe on the ground.

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