Dream of: 21 July 1992 "Direction Of The Galaxy"

I was thinking about the direction the earth was traveling in the universe. I thought since the earth was in the Milky Way Galaxy, it was necessary to know the direction of the galaxy to know the direction of the earth. I thought the big bang theory said that the galaxies in the universe were all traveling outward from each other. All the galaxies would form a circle with the center being the place where the big bang had taken place. If the directions of other galaxies were determined, then it should be possible to determine the direction of the Milky Way Galaxy.

I was also thinking about George H.W. Bush and the political campaign for president of the United States. I thought someone should ask Bush about the direction of the country in the universe. I thought it would be a relevant question to see if he could answer it. But I thought it was the type of question he probably wouldn't answer.

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