Dream of: 20 July 1992 (3) "Basketball Rules"

I was on a basketball court, playing basketball. I really didn't know how to dribble the ball, so every time I got it, I threw it to someone else. My team wore light-colored tee-shirts, while the other team wore gray-colored tee-shirts. Besides our two teams, yet a separate third team, which consisted of women, was also playing on the court. By mistake, when I had the ball, I threw it to a woman on the third team, and she wouldn't give the ball back to us. Finally I went over to the woman and tried to grab the ball out of her hands. But when I had hold of the ball and began pulling, it seemed more as if I was pulling on a piece of paper than a basketball. I was finally able to wrest the ball from the woman and we continued with our game.

But it was not long before once again, someone on the women's team got hold of our ball and she wouldn't return it. Exasperated, I walked over to two officials on the court, and asked them if there was something they could do about the women keeping our ball. The two officials, who were both about seven foot tall, began deliberating, and even looked up some rules. Finally they came to me and said that there was nothing they could do, that the women were allowed to keep the balls, because that was part of what they were supposed to be doing. I was upset, but I was uncertain I could do anything about it.

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