Dream of: 20 July 1992 (2) "Married Long Ago"

I was sitting on a bus; my mother was sitting with another woman across from me. An attractive black-haired woman walked up and sat down next to me on my left. I thought I had gone to high school with the woman; we were now both in our late 20s. I began talking with her and asked her if she had ever been married. I was surprised when she answered, "No."

She began talking about what she had been doing over the years. I was interested in her and attracted to her. Finally we were so close that she gave me a short kiss right on the lips. My mother was nodding her head in approval to the other woman. I would definitely like to get to know this woman better. It seemed as if I had been married once in my life – to Birdie. But that had only been for a short time a long time ago. I could tell the woman about that later.

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