Dream of: 19 July 1992 "Cemetery Statues By Dalí

art exists outside of life

I was on a trip with a class of students. We had driven to a strip of land (about five kilometers wide) which stretched latitudinally along the center of Texas where nuclear tests had been conducted. The leader of the trip seemed to be Mrs. Thompson (my high school art teacher), but she was actually Molly Bartholow (a female attorney who was the trustee for reorganization bankruptcy cases in Dallas).

We were all on a bus which resembled a flat-bed truck. As we rode along, I was quite absorbed by some of the nuclear test-sights which I saw. When someone hollered out that there were some bunkers, I also saw small buildings which appeared to be made of stone and which were mostly submerged in the ground. When we finally reached a large cemetery, I thought many of the people buried in the cemetery had probably worked on the nuclear project. I was extremely impressed by what I saw in the cemetery -- large statues which seemed to go on for a great distance. I thought that one particularly large statue constructed from strips of metal fashioned together to look like a person holding a torch looked like something Salvador Dalí might have created. 

Among several small clusters of statues was one group of gray statutes, and another group of small statues which appeared to be made of marble. A number of statues looked like crosses, and one large statue was of Jesus Christ. One incomplete statue of a cross was being made from a block of granite, but only half the cross had already been cut out of the granite. Several other statues also looked as if they might have been made by Dalí.

Tired of sitting on the flat bed, I climbed off and began running along side the truck. Bartholow said the truck wasn't equipped for that kind of thing, but I pointed out that other people were also running beside the truck. She didn't say anything about that, but she did mention that there had been a previous trip that I hadn't gone on. The other trip had been somewhere else, and I hadn't thought it would be interesting, but this trip was quite different. This was extremely interesting.

As we continued along, we passed a parked bus, and it looked as if people in the bus were getting out to walk around among the statues in the cemetery. I suggested to Bartholow that we stop, but she didn't seem interested in stopping, so our truck just kept moving.

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