Dream of: 18 July 1992 "Collector's Item"

I had just arrived on the Gallia County Farm, and I was riding a bicycle around the place. Quite a few other people were also here. My brother Adolph was supposed to get married today. However I was concerned, because it seemed that one of my relatives had died, and Adolph, instead of me, was going to inherit all the property. The relative had been upset with me, and had decided to give everything to Adolph. I wondered if Adolph would give me anything, and I wondered if the situation were reversed, whether I would give him anything. I hadn't seen Adolph in a long time, and I knew seeing him again would be strange.

As I continued to ride the bicycle, I noticed a group of men standing over to the side, and I heard them holler, "Collier! Collier!" I turned by bike and headed toward them. It appeared that they were guests who had come to the wedding. They all seemed to be from Portsmouth, but I had a hard time recognizing them. They were divided into two groups with about 10 men in each group. I didn't recognized anyone in the first group, but when I went to the second group, I thought I recognized Wood (a former junior high classmate) as one of the men in that group.

Some of the men were just wearing blue jeans and none were dressed formally. But it was almost time for the wedding. It was around 11:30 already, and it appeared that the wedding was going to be at noon. I looked at my watch and told the others I needed to go up to the house and start getting ready.


I was in a car, riding along with the men in the group, headed to the wedding. With me I had a small toy which I had found buried in some sand on the Farm. It was made of metal and in the shape of a square, about 20 centimeters on each side. It had a bluish-green color, and I began scrapping the sand off it. The toy began to look as if it was a very old truck or fire engine. Since I was so interested in the toy, I didn't care if anyone saw me scrapping and playing with it. It didn't matter what people thought. I had enough money so I didn't have to try to recover an old toy; I could afford to buy one. But I enjoyed doing this. I thought as soon as we arrived somewhere, I could wash the rest of the sand off. I was thinking I had found a collector's item.

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