Dream of: 17 July 1992 "Car Repair"

I was in the country, driving my 1986 red BMW with several people in it. A call came through on a car phone which I had in the car. The call was from someone at a car repair shop who had looked at my car about a week earlier. At that time I had noticed some shimmying in the car. The people at the car repair shop hadn't been able to find anything. But the fellow on the phone said the results of a diagnostic test had revealed that some fluid was being leaked from a universal joint. The man said I needed to stop driving the car immediately, because I soon wouldn't be able to control it. I hung up the phone.

Since we were so far out in the country, I continued driving the car. Almost immediately I noticed the car becoming more difficult to steer. Soon I seemed to have no control. I stuck my left foot out the door and drug it on the ground to guide the car. The problem became so bad I had to pull over.

I stepped of the car and began walking. I knew a man lived in a house nearby who had once before worked on the car. I walked down the country road, passed through a small town, took a right on another road, and finally reached the man's house.

Since it was early in the morning and it appeared that no one was up yet, I sat down outside and waited. Finally the people inside woke up and I went to the house. The man and his wife were here. I recalled that the last time he had worked on the car he had done a good job. I hated to impose on him, but I told him my problem. He asked me if I wanted him to charge me by the hour or by the job. I told him it didn't make any difference to me, and he said it would probably cost more by the hour. I told him to go ahead and charge me by the job and he said it would probably cost about $300. I said that would be fine.

We boarded the man's vehicle and drove back to where the car was and found it at another person's house. Three men were working on the car. They had turned it upside down and were taking the engine out of it. I now remembered these people. Carolina had been with me earlier, and I thought I had told her to make it clear to them that they weren't supposed to work on the car, that I was just going to leave it with them. One of the men, a chubby fellow, told me that Carolina had made that clear to them, but that after they had talked to me they had thought I wanted them to work on it. I felt rather sorry for them and said I would pay them for the trouble they had gone to, but I still wanted the other fellow I had brought to work on the car.

Since the chubby fellow still seemed upset, I called him over to the side and told him if he would help the other fellow, I would pay him $100. He seemed satisfied with that, except for the fact that he owed the fellow who I wanted to work on the car $1,100. I told him that was something the two of them would have to settle between themselves, that I would pay each separately. I knew it was going to cost me an extra $100. But I didn't care. I had the money. I just wanted to get the job done and get out of here.

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