Dream of: 16 July 1992 "National Guard Raid"

While I was visiting Portsmouth, my father and I went to a house where a man whom I knew who was in his 20s was living. My father left after a short while, and I walked upstairs with the man. When a second man appeared, I realized the first man was selling drugs out of the house. The two men walked over to the side and began talking with each other. I thought the second man was going to buy some marijuana which the first man had in his closet. I thought I might be able to buy some also, and take it with me back to Dallas. But I also thought that might be dangerous.

When I walked alone back downstairs, two other men showed up who also apparently wanted to buy drugs. I asked them if they knew whether the fellow who lived there had any acid. One said I must be a hard core drug user if I wanted to buy acid.

We were standing in the doorway and I suddenly noticed a number of men in blue suits running toward the house. They appeared to be carrying bayonets. I suddenly realized the men were part of the national guard and they had come to arrest the man who lived in the house. By the time the men ran past me and into the house, about 20 or 30 other people who wanted to buy drugs had also shown up.

I began thinking about how I was going to get out of the situation. I reflected that I hadn't bought any drugs and I didn't have any drugs. I would simply say I hadn't known what was going on. If my father returned, I would tell him that the same thing would have happened to him if he had been there.

I saw that the guards were grabbing the other people and throwing them to the ground. I was outside by then and could see a man who wasn't a guard at the side of the house. I thought I might be able to run in that direction and slip away. I decided to do that if I could.

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