Dream of: 13 July 1992 (2) "Steep Hill"

My mother and I were walking along the side of a hill, when I came to a part which was almost perpendicular and had to precariously hang on. My mother was up above me on a level area. I noticed a ruler with a metal strip in it lying on the ground, and realized I had dropped it here a long time ago. I normally didn't lose things and had been concerned that I had lost the ruler. But now I had found it again. I picked it up and handed it to my mother. I then began trying to climb up to her, but I couldn't seem to do it because it was so steep.

Several trees were growing out of the side of the perpendicular hill. I pulled on one to see if I could put my weight on it. But it pulled right out of the side of the hill. Another tree was dead and I knocked it down the side of the hill.

A corner was just ahead of me and I pulled myself up to it. There I found a wall of bricks which I tried to pull myself up on. I thought how dangerous it was. It wasn't a long fall, but if I fell backwards it could seriously injure me.

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