Dream of: 04 July 1992 (2) "Recording A Dream"

Several other people and I had parted on a trip together. I was sitting in the last chair in a row of six or seven chairs, with the other people sitting in the chairs in front of me. Although I had been traveling with this particular group of people, at the moment it appeared we were all seated in a classroom. Other people were also in the room, but I was only connected with the people in my row. Some people had pieces of luggage under their seats. I also noticed a long black strap-like rope which stretched from the front chair back to where I was. I was holding the rope with my left hand, and someone let me know the person in the front seat was upset because I had been pulling on the rope.

Finally I became tired of the situation, and I announced we needed to have some rules about what was going on. We needed to know how all these people were connected together. Everybody turned around and we began talking about the rules. It appeared some rules had already been established, and I wanted to know what those rules were. I especially wanted to know if there were any rules about the rope. I didn't intend to pull on the rope if there was a rule against it. But I wanted everyone to clearly understand what the rule was.

We all began introducing ourselves to each other. As we did so, I realized I was probably going to meet many people on this trip, and I was unsure I was going to remember everyone's names. The only person whom I recognized was Altizer, who was sitting right in front of me. However he said his name was also "Steve" when he introduced himself.

As the introductions proceeded, some people also told what kind of work they did. I thought Altizer was also a lawyer, and when it came my turn, I was going to tell everyone we were both named Steve and we were both lawyers. I thought it would be easier for people to remember that way. But before I could speak, Altizer jumped up and began shaking everyone's hand. As he talked to everyone, I thought he was just wasting time, but I let him go.

It turned out that two men at the front of the line were also lawyers. They looked as if they were in their mid 50s, but appeared to be in good physical shape. One lawyer said he had represented the other lawyer as a lawyer before. As they continued talking, it sounded more as if they used to be lawyers, but they no longer practiced law.

As the introductions proceeded, one fellow said his name was Dean. Gradually everyone began to seem much more cordial with each other. It appeared everyone was going to get along. We talked for just a short while longer, then everyone walked out of the room together.

Once we were out in the hallway, it appeared we were in a hotel. Several men and women walked into a room which looked like a restroom, but I didn't see any sign on the door. Standing outside the door, I could see some urinals inside the room; but I was still unsure it was a men's room, because I had seen women also walk into the room. Finally I mustered my courage and walked in.

Once inside, I saw the room was arranged with a place in front where there were urinals for the men, and a place where they could take baths. In the back of the room was a place where both men and women could sit and talk. I could see quite a few women were sitting and talking back there right now. I didn't particularly like the arrangement, and I turned to leave.

However just as I was walking out of the room, I saw someone who looked like Warnie Crabtree (an acquaintance from my high school years). I could clearly see the acne scars on his faces. I cried, "Warnie!"

But when the fellow looked right at me, he wasn't Warnie. The fellow appeared offended that I had spoken to him, and he wanted to know what I had said. I simply explained that I had made a mistake, that I had thought he was someone else. He had such a scowl on his face, I was concerned he might even try to do something to me later. Only now did I pause to think it might not be proper to approach someone in the bathroom like that. I also thought perhaps the fellow had been offended by the name I had used: "Warnie." Since the word "Warnie" contained the word "War," perhaps the fellow had thought I was trying to be aggressive. But the fellow walked on out without saying anything else.

I also walked out and went to my room in the hotel. I found Altizer already in the room, lying on the bed in the room. I also lay down on the bed and went to sleep. But I only slept for a short while, before I awoke. I knew someone was lying beside me, but I couldn't remember who it was. But I didn't want to look and see. I just lay there until I finally remembered it was Altizer. Finally I got up. I had had a dream while sleeping and I wanted to record the dream.

As I walked around the room, it reminded me a great deal of the upstairs of the House in Patriot. I picked up a tape recorder and walked next door to the back bedroom. But someone was also sleeping in there. All I was wearing was my dark red running shorts. I thought I would go outside to record the dream. I knew I didn't look that good in the shorts, but I thought it didn't make that much difference here. I hadn't seen any women of interest and I doubted I was going to meet any women on the trip. At this point, I thought it was acceptable to simply dress like I would normally dress. So I thought I would just go outside as I was and record the dream.

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