Dream of: 04 July 1992 "Burglar"

I had returned to the Fort Worth Rock House, and had found a long chain saw (about two meters long) sitting on some stuff in the living room. I also noticed a long couch which hadn't been here before. As I picked up the chain saw to take a closer look at it, I knocked the chain off, and I couldn't seem to get it back on. I carried the chain saw out to the front of the House. And I also carried the couch outside.

When I went back inside, I began looking for my computer, and suddenly realized someone had robbed me. Two computers and two desks were missing. The large dark desk and the smaller light desk were both gone. My .38 caliber gun must also be gone, because it had been in the desk.

I recalled that I had been robbed once before. Once I had had some marijuana in the dark brown desk, and someone had come in and stolen it from me. Besides that time, during the past year it seemed that someone had been coming into the house and taking things. But they had never taken this much stuff. This was very different.

Just then I happened to look out the window and see someone drive up. It was a man probably in his mid-forties. I thought he must be the thief and that he was going to come in through the back door. I hid behind the door, and just as he came in, I grabbed him. He seemed very weak and he didn't struggle at all. I brought him into the front room and began talking with him. He readily admitted he was the thief who had robbed me. But he also said he had been the one who had left the chain saw and couch here in the House. That seemed very strange to me that he would have robbed me, and at the same thing left things behind.

I pulled him back outside and hollered at some men who were standing in front of the Italian restaurant next door. They walked over and helped me hold him. Soon a crowd gathered, and Carolina walked up beside me. I told someone to call the police, and someone did so. But as I continued to hold onto the fellow, the atmosphere changed. Soon it seemed as if there was a carnival going on in front of my House, with people drinking and partying and music playing. People were trying to get into the House. I managed to keep everyone out except one small girl who slipped past me. But I managed to quickly get her back outside. In the process she dropped a small purse. When I looked down at it, I saw some small black figures of animals lying next to it. But I was unsure the animals were hers, so I just pushed them over to the side as I picked up her purse and handed it to her. I thought if the figures were hers, she could come back for them later.

As I waited for the police to come, I asked the fellow whom I was still holding if he had ever been convicted before of anything. At first he said he had never been convicted, but then he admitted he had. However he didn't make it clear for what he had been convicted.

Finally the police came and I handed the burglar over to them, explaining what had happened. I told the police the fellow had already admitted everything. I thought even though the fellow hadn't been read his rights, the evidence would still be admissible against him.

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