Dream of: 03 July 1992 "Tranquilized Lion"

Some other people and I were hiking through some mountains, when one of the members (who was dressed all in black and may have even been wearing a mask) began trying to pull a tiger off a tree. It appeared that the animal was injured. When he finally managed to pull the animal from the tree, we saw that it was actually a lion, a beige female. There was also a baby lion running around on the ground, clearly the child of the mother. It soon became clear that the mother lion had been tranquilized. Everyone in the group was concerned as the man tried to put the mother lion back on her feet. We continued working with the mother, until she was able to walk somewhat. Meanwhile the baby lion continued frisking about in the weeds and grass. The mother continued to groggily walk along with us, until it appeared she had almost recovered.

When it finally appeared that the lion was going to recover, we decided to move on, and leave it behind. One fellow seemed to know about lions. I asked him what would happen to the lioness when we left, and he said she would "lie low." I understood by that that the lioness would lie down in the grass with its baby, where nobody could find it, until she recovered. I thought she would be all right, so we traveled on.

It was quite a beautiful area a national park. We passed by an old house, and I saw an American flag on a small pole stuck in the ground. The flag had no blue in it, however, only red and white. The house was out in the wilderness. It appeared to have been there for a long time and was well preserved.

After passing the house, I could look back behind us and see a large reservoir. The house was right on the edge of the reservoir. The house also had a beautiful ramose tree in front of it. I knew we were going to be camping out, and I thought this might be an ideal spot. However we shuffled on. We soon came to a steep hill and began struggling up the side. I grabbed a vine to help pull me up. The others seized another large grape vine which looked as if it may have been put here purposely to help people climb the hill. I finally saw a path which looked less steep. I let go of my vine and began taking the less steep path.

I finally reached the top of the hill. I was thinking that all this physical exercise was going to be healthy for my body. The whole experience was uplifting and I was glad I had come. I thought I needed to venture more often into wilderness areas and camp out.

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