Dream of: 01 July 1992 "Rental Property"

I was visiting Patriot, thinking of moving here. I was looking around the village, thinking of investing in some property here. It seemed that there was a small university in the town. I was thinking of buying some property and turning it into rental property. I met a boy, apparently one of the Swivers, who was walking up and down the street. I looked at the house across the street. It had changed considerably. Large pillars were on the porch, and a car port was off to the side. At first I thought it was a new house (probably 7-8 years old). But upon closer scrutiny, I realized it was the old house, simply redone.

Other houses in the area were missing. At first I thought the Swiver house was just an empty lot, but then I saw that a house was there. But it had been burned. I could see the fire damage in one of the second story windows, all the black around the window. Nevertheless it looked as if people were living in the house. I could see through the first floor windows, and could tell from the furnishings inside that people were obviously living there. The house had also been expanded in a L shape so it was partially surrounding the old Grange building. It now encompassed part of the Grange building. I also noticed some electric wires hanging out of the house. It looked as if no one was living in the house. But I thought it could probably be renovated. I figured 10 people could live in the house. Finally I decided 12 people could actually live there. If I were to buy the house and fix it up to rent, I could have a good income from the house. I asked the Swiver boy if he knew whether the house was for sale. He said he thought it was. He thought they wanted $11,000 for the house. That seemed like far too much to me. By the time money was sunk into the house for repair, it was simply too much money.

I finally walked over to the house, and found some people there. I asked them if they knew of any other property which was for sale in town, and they said that all kinds of houses were empty. Apparently many people had moved out of Patriot.

I continued walking around the town to see what else I could find. I found a house with some people living in it. They seemed like Jon and Mike Walls. They also had houses which they owned and were renting and making money on. I talked to them about the Swiver house. I told them it would be perfect. Over time, 10 different people had lived in that house.

I also told them my plans to be a writer and travel around the world. They didn't think that would be a bad idea. Of course I didn't plan to travel all the time. I would probably come back here two or three months out of the year and write here. But I might not. I might just travel all the time. Still, having some rental income would be helpful. Since I was an attorney, if any real estate problems cropped up, I would also be equipped to deal with those. I would take the bar exam in Ohio so I would have my license to practice law here.

I decided to spend the night here with them. A woman who seemed like Carolina was also here. However she and I had an argument, and I decided she didn't want me to stay. So I went outside and boarded a car. As soon as I was in the car, Carolina came running out of the house, asking me to stay. That was what I wanted. But by this point I was so obstinate, I took off anyway, leaving her standing there. I started backing down a long driveway. But as I backed toward the street, I couldn't stop the car. It slowed down some, but still headed toward the street, where I could see cars coming. When I had almost reached the road, I turned the car sharply to try to keep from going into the road.

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