Dream of: 29 June 1992 (2) "Home Office"

I was in a small white frame cottage where I was living. I also had an office set up in the cottage, where I sometimes met clients. I had just finished meeting a client, and I didn't have any plans to see any more today. But I heard a knock at the front door. The curtains on the windows were open, and I tried to look out without letting anyone see me. I really didn't want to see anyone else. When I looked outside, I saw a car, which told me that a client had obviously come to see me, even though the client didn't have an appointment.

I ducked down, moved around the house and tried to find an isolated area where I couldn't be seen through the window. I stayed hidden for quite a while until I finally ventured over to the window again and saw the car was no longer there. However, now yet another car, which looked like a Corvette, was sitting outside. Now I saw that another client had pulled up in the Corvette, and that he was now going to bother me. Clearly I was going to have to make arrangements so these clients wouldn't be constantly bothering me.

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