Dream of: 29 June 1992 "Hiding In A Church"


be impeccable

After walking into a bookstore on a college campus and looking around, I noticed a large hard-bound book on income tax. I picked up the book and began leafing through it. Rather than being technical, the book appeared to have little stories about income tax. Finding the book interesting, I decided to buy one.

Once I had purchased the book, I walked outside and began walking around. It wasn't long before I began to perceive that I was in a war zone, and that I was behind enemy lines. It appeared I might be in Germany during World War II. I walked into an open space which appeared to be a church yard. When I saw a man come out of the church, I realized I needed a place to hide, and I asked him if I could hide somewhere in the church where I thought I could simply hide and read my book. The man and I discussed the matter, but he didn't seem inclined to help me. Finally, however, he relented, and it appeared he was going to let me hide in a room in the basement of the church.

After the man led me to the room in the basement, I saw that the room would be adequate. The only problem was that if anyone came to search the church, clearly I would be easily found. 

Dream Commentary of June 27, 2015

Just as one might seek shelter in a church from a war-torn world, so do some seek shelter in the Dream Journal from a world at war. On the Dream Journal, dream-journalists are able to read each other's stories to pass the time, cognizant that their true natures can be easily found by those who search.

Dream Commentary of June 26, 2015

Just as church-goers often try to hide from a war-like world, so do internet dream-journalists sometimes try to hide from a world prone to war. Even though dream-journalists are inspired to reveal intimate aspects about themselves, many dream-journalists sense a frightening, war-like danger on an open internet and - even though they are compelled to reveal themselves - they nevertheless resolutely wrap themselves in a mantel of privacy.

Sometimes it is necessary to hide. Yet - for internet dream-journalists - the more we are able to reveal about ourselves, the braver we become. The braver we are, the more we are able to control who we are and how we interact with a world constantly at war.

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