Dream of: 28 June 1992 "Crying Baby"

I was driving a Volkswagen beetle on Gallia Street in downtown Portsmouth, when I saw several places to park on the other side of the street. I pulled the car around into one of the parking places and got out. But once out of the car, I saw several of the cars had also pulled into the parking places and somehow I had pulled up along side them in the street, not in the parking place. I looked across the street and saw several parking places over there. Since the car was so light, I just grabbed the front bumper and began pulling it across the street. I felt a little silly about having missed the parking place and I hoped no one had seen my mistake.


I was sitting in a grassy area in downtown Portsmouth when two young women and a man walked up and sat close to me. One woman (apparently the man's wife) was carrying a small baby. I had the feeling they had sat close to me because the unattached woman was attracted to me. All were probably in their early 20s, had black hair and appeared to be Hispanic. I listened as they talked and I concluded they were speaking Spanish.

The baby was put on the grass just a few centimeters from me. Finally I said, "Puede verlo?"

One said "la," indicating it was a girl instead of a boy. I picked it up. It had a blue blanket wrapped around it up to its neck, almost like a cocoon. It couldn't have been more than a few weeks old. I only held it for a moment before it looked up at me and began crying. It turned its eyes back to the unattached woman, clearly wanting to go to her. I put it back down on the ground and she picked it up.

Other people had sat down to my right. After the woman picked the baby up, she held it to them and asked if anyone else wanted to hold it.

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