Dream of: 26 June 1992 "Rock Throwers"

My father, my mother, and I had gone to a baseball game in Cincinnati to see the Cincinnati Reds. We sat down in the bleachers and watched the game. After quite a while, the action stopped, apparently for a half-time break. I began thinking I would like to find a telescope, especially one which had a camera on the end of it, so I could take pictures. We stood up and walked outside. Once outside we realized people were leaving, that the game was going to be finished the next day. Our tickets would also be good for the following day. It also appeared that there would be yet another game the following day, although I didn't know whether that would also just be half a game.

This field was a new field. The old Crosley field had been moved to this new place. We walked over to a different area not far from the field. My father was carrying a paper on which he had written down the dimensions of the new field. He had written down two by four, to signify that the field was twice as long as it was wide. I asked him what had happened to the old Crosley field and he said it had been taken over by a "rebel company." I was uncertain what he meant by that, whether the old field had been taken over by a company that was dismantling the field, or whether some kind of rebels had taken over the field and were using it.

We walked into an area next to the field where no one else was around. We were trying to find somewhere where we could look back into the field to see if we could find better seats than the ones we had. We found an elevated place from which we could have looked in, except our view was blocked by trees. I heard someone near us talking, saying this wasn't a good area because the view was blocked by the trees.

Nevertheless, my father and my mother found two raised chairs, similar to life guard chairs at a beach, and they both sat down. I likewise found a seat and sat down, but no sooner was I seated than I noticed some fellows in the area throwing rocks. One rock even almost hit me. They threw some more rocks at me, and I realized they were getting ready to attack all three of us. I got up and began running.

I could see what appeared to be a small factory, with some people working in it, and I ran toward it. I hollered to the first man I came to, got his attention and told him what was happening. He said he would phone the police and maybe they would come in a while. But I frantically told him I needed help right now. He was sitting down and he stood up. As he walked to the back part of the building, I suddenly realized he was actually a policeman himself. He walked over to a motorcycle and I followed. He had two white helmets. He took one and gave me one. We both then got on the motorcycle. We rode back toward where I had left my father and my mother. I saw that my mother and my father had disappeared, although the gang of rock throwers was still there. I was afraid they might have killed my father and my mother with rocks.

The policeman and I climbed off the motorcycle, and he began trying to deal with the gang. There was a lot of them. Some began throwing rocks at me again, and I picked up some rocks and began throwing them back. As the fight began to subside, a group of women, who appeared to be prisoners of some sort, walked past. I thought the women had also previously been rock throwers. But they had been captured. I knew I was allowed to take certain liberties with the women because they were prisoners. I walked over to one of the women, who was simply standing there, and I ripped her shirt open. I looked at her breasts, which were practically flat. Then I walked over to another woman and did the same thing to her. I wondered what it would be like to put my mouth on their breasts, but I didn't do so.

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