Dream of: 21 June 1992 "Swiss Mountain"

I was thinking of where I would like to live, somewhere in Europe such as Switzerland. I imagined a house sitting up on a high steep barely-accessible hill. I imagined it might be necessary to have an elevator right up through the middle of the hill.

As I thought about it, I actually found myself with Carolina up on the hill in Switzerland, looking at an old white frame house. But it might have been a barn. I couldn't tell for sure because it appeared that the structures had been burned out. I thought it might be possible for me to buy the house. But I was also thinking that even though I knew Switzerland was a high country, if a person were going to build a house, it would be best to build it on top of a high mountain. I knew if I were going to live in Switzerland I would want to get a house up on top of a mountain, even though I knew that would be more expensive. However I thought I would be able to accomplish that.

Carolina and I had some covers with us. We spread them out, lay down, and fell asleep. We slept for quite a while, and when I finally awoke, I realized I didn't have any clothes on. It was possible that someone could show up and see me here naked. About that time I noticed someone coming up the side of the hill. The person was behind some weeds and appeared to be picking something. I dashed away out of sight and put my clothes on.

I then came back to Carolina, made a running noise on the ground next to her head with my feet to wake her up, and said, "Somebody's coming!"

But she didn't pay much attention to me. I also noticed that when I had gone to sleep I had left a cassette player with a French tape playing, and that it was still playing.

When the people came closer, I saw that it was an older man, a woman, and a younger man. I thought they might be the people who owned the place and that they might not want us here. I thought I would probably need to speak French with them. I thought I would approach them and say, "Bon Jour." So I turned off the cassette player, walked over to them, and said, "Bon jour."

I then began speaking to them in French. I asked them what they were picking. It looked as if they were picking small strawberries. They showed me some. They were picking the ones which had turned brown. I looked down at the ground and saw some more of the berries, which looked more like the size of normal strawberries. I told them I had seen other people up here also picking the berries. I saw one of the berries which was brown and I picked it. I put it into my mouth even though it looked as if it might be slightly rotten. I was unsure. The berry tasted terribly bitter and I began spitting it out. Obviously there was something wrong with it.

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