Dream of: 14 June 1992 "A Jungle"

I was walking near The Ohio State University, where I had returned to live. I was practically overcome with emotion as I thought how happy I was to be back in Ohio. It was as if I had been gone for a very long time, but had finally returned to where I belonged. Only now I was a lawyer and a more accomplished person than when I had originally lived in Columbus. I looked forward to making new friends and settling down in Columbus. At the moment I knew no one, but I thought that wouldn't last long. Randy Ramey might even be in Columbus, and perhaps I could look him up.

Although I planned to live in Columbus, I knew I still had to return to Dallas to work during the week. I thought I would probably fly out of Columbus every Monday morning and fly back every Friday night. That should work fine.

I had already rented a room in what appeared to be a boarding house. When I arrived there, I remembered that I used to know an old woman in the house, and I wondered if she was still here. It seemed as if I had previously rented a room from the old woman, although I hadn't rented the present room from her. I went into the room, sat down at a table and began working on something. It wasn't long until the door opened and a woman walked in. I recognized her as the person who had been living in the apartment before I had moved in. I was glad that at least I was dressed when she walked in. Her belongings were still in the apartment and she was obviously here to move them out. I felt somewhat guilty about causing her to have to leave. But I had been willing to pay more for the place than she had been able to, so the landlord had allowed me in. The woman quickly gathered the few things she had here and left.

I decided to go for a walk. I again felt exhilarated at being in Columbus. I saw some small stores nearby, including a Chinese restaurant, and I thought I would quickly get to know all the stores around me. As I continued down the street, I would sometimes walk through yards, which were overgrown. As I walked through one yard, I almost stumbled into a deep hole with trash in the bottom. I had to go onto the porch of the house to get out. As I did so, a fellow who was cleaning up the yard also passed me on the porch. I said, "This place is a jungle."

He replied, "You'll get used to it."

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