Dream of: 12 June 1992 "Bank Attorney"

I was riding in the front passenger seat of a car which Wheat was driving through New Boston. Mr. Schroeder (a creditor attorney in Dallas) was in the back seat. He  seemed as if he were probably in his mid-forties. He was talking with some other people who were also in the back seat. Schroeder told me that he had been talking with a large bank which was impressed with the way I had been handling bankruptcy cases, and that the bank was going to ask me to go to work for it, representing the bank's interests.

I was only accustomed to representing debtors' interests; but maybe I should switch over and begin representing creditors. Such work would surely be more lucrative. However, I was uncertain I could morally justify doing that kind of work.

Yet another bank was considering making me an offer to work for it. Maybe I would end up working for several different banks, instead of working for debtors.

As we talked, Schroeder stuck his head over the front seat; I noticed he and Wheat looked somewhat I alike. I thought, "Well, those two would probably get along well together."

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