Dream of: 11 June 1992 (2) "Marital Problem"

Carolina and I were in a mall, standing next to a fellow who had set up a podium in the mall concourse. The man was asking people questions about insurance. He would ask people questions, find out their situations, spot problems and try to solve them.

I also had a form which I was filling out. As part of completing the form, I wrote down that Carolina and I hadn't been having any sex. But I realized it was probably not proper for me to be putting down that kind of information on the form. So I corrected what I had written, and instead I wrote, "We have a marital problem in the process of being resolved."

Somebody standing next to me jostled me and caused me to mess up somewhat. But then I pulled over closer to Carolina where I could write in peace, and I finished what I was writing.

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