Dream of: 08 June 1992 "Falling Into A Pit"

My father and I were on the West Side of Portsmouth, where a black man was showing us a hilly piece of land. At first I thought the land was flat, but when I looked at it more, I saw that it was hilly. I had thought it would be a good piece of land to buy, so my father was looking at it and considering buying it. Finally it turned out that he did want to buy it. The man began talking about the price, and my father first offered him a dollar per square foot. The man said he had recently offered the land to another man for a dollar a square foot, but the other man hadn't wanted to buy the land. When my father heard this, he quickly went down on his price to 89 cents a square foot. The man and my father continued negotiating until they finally agreed on a price of 90 cents a square foot.

From where we were we could see houses which were part of the west side; it looked as if the houses came right up to the land. We talked about how the town had stopped right on the edge of the farmland, and how no houses had been built on the farmland.

I continued looking at the land, thinking I might want to buy it myself. I began looking down the side of a hill. I grabbed a tree limb and held on as I lowered myself down the hill. I could see a large two-story white frame house at the bottom of the hill. I wanted my father to walk to the bottom of the hill with me, but he didn't seem interested. But when he saw the house, he began to become concerned that the person who owned the house might also own part of the hillside. My father again began talking to the man selling the property and discussed whether the man who owned the house owned part of the hillside.

As I kept looking around, I noticed that someone had built two restrooms, a men's and a women's, on the side of the hill. I could see a pipe leading to the restrooms. I didn't want my father to see this, because I thought I would like this area for myself, that I would like to build there, so I covered up the pipe with leaves. But when my father walked over to where I was, I decided it wouldn't be right for me to hide the pipe from him, and I uncovered it.


I was still in the same area. Carolina was with me. Other people were also around. My mother was there with my father. They were standing over to the side.

There was something like a ramp there which went across a concrete pit. I walked across to the other side. Then I noticed that my father and my mother were arguing and arguing. I didn't want to leave Carolina there to have to put up with that, so I called her to follow me. She started to go across the ramp at one spot, but I told her to go to another spot. But she didn't listen to me. As she started across, she fell down into the pit. I ran back to her. The pit was not deep and I thought I could easily get her out. But I wanted to make sure she was unhurt.

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