Dream of: 07 June 1992 "Rufus"

I was in a little one-man boat in Symmes Creek, in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, when I saw a car pull up on the bridge, and several women step out. They all looked like teenage cheerleaders. They began doing some cheerleading routines right there on the bridge. I had the feeling that the bridge was between Ohio and another state. It seemed to me that the routine the cheerleaders were doing had something to do with their crossing a border between two states. Some other people began gathering around and watching the cheerleaders.

As I also watched, I began thinking I would like to row farther down the creek, but the current looked very swift. Also one of my paddles was broken. The bottom part of the paddle was actually bent all the way back. I tried to straighten it out, but I couldn't seem to do it.

I noticed that the people had moved off the bridge and down onto the bank, in the field upstream from the bridge. I also noticed a small concrete building there which the people had gone into. Some cars were driven into the field, apparently to get the people. A taxi cab was even among the cars, and I thought it would probably cost around $6 apiece to go out in the field and get someone.

I thought about how people used to fish in the field in front of the Farmhouse. But all the fish had been caught, so nobody fished there anymore. I even imagined hearing my step-grandfather Clarence talk about how the fish had been caught and no one fished there anymore.

I had pulled my boat up to the bank and gotten out. I then lay down and pulled a cover over me. After I pulled the cover over me, it began to seem as if I were actually under water, and I thought I could feel fish on top or me. I jerked back the cover, and sure enough, there was a large catfish which had been lying on top of the cover, trying to wriggle off of me.

I walked over to the edge of the creek and looked out into the water. I could see a round silver-colored fish, about a 30 centimeters long, in the creek. It appeared to be having trouble breathing and it had come up tot the surface. I thought the water was polluted. I knew there also used to be a lot of snakes in the creek, but the pollution had killed them all. I thought the silver fish would be quite a prize if it were caught, it was so large. It reminded me of a crappie, but I didn't think it was a crappie. Some other small fish jumped out of the water.

Suddenly, to my amazement, I saw something gigantic come out of the water. I realized it was a large black whale. It flew straight up into the air. People on the other side also saw the whale and began screaming. I thought it was one of the most amazing things that I had ever seen in my life. I couldn't figure out how the whale had possibly gotten there. I thought it must have swum all this way upstream. It fell back into the water, but its back was still visible. Some people from the other side had gone into the creek, and some were actually climbing up on the back of the whale. The whale began moving, and the people just rode along on its back. Finally the whale swam right up on the bank, not far from me. As the whale continued moving, I became concerned that it might roll over and smashed some of the people. I tried to warn them to get off of the whale, and some did get off. Some people had a name for the whale; they called it "Rufus." Some people didn't get off the whale and it did indeed began rolling. It looked as if it were going to roll over on some people and smash them. It was quite an incredible sight.

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