Dream of: 03 June 1992 (2) "Grotesque-Looking Colt"

I was walking along a brick street which seemed to be going through a ranch, but which also had a store on it. As I walked along the street, I was carrying a cup of coke which was about half full. Suddenly I dumped the coke out in the middle of the street. As I watched the coke splatter all over the street, I realized I had left a rather sticky mess there. But there wasn't much I could do now, so I just walked on.

I continued walking until I passed a field on my right, in which men were riding large brown horses, and following behind the horses were two baby colts. I thought to myself how interesting it would have been to have watched the horses being born. Another horse was lying on its back in the field, and something was coming out of it. Suddenly I realized the horse was giving birth to a colt. I stood in amazement as the horse flipped over onto its feet. I thought it was going to knock the colt hard against the ground, but it didn't. Instead the colt was able to softly pop out of the horse. Once it was out, I saw how grotesque-looking the colt was. It reminded me of the creature on the movie Aliens III. Then I saw yet another colt coming out of the same horse. Obviously the horse was going to give birth to twins. I was amazed the horse was giving birth to twins. I wondered if the mother might become so exhausted by the birthing that she would die. It seemed like a terribly exhausting process which she was going through. I also wondered if the mother lived whether she might favor one of the colts over the other one.

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