Dream of: 03 June 1992 "Stabbed To Death"

A murder had taken place in a house where I had been living. An extensive investigation had been going on for quite a long time, but no one had been able to figure out who had committed the murder. I was sitting in a room of the house when some police detectives walked in. More and more detectives entered until 25 must have been in the room. I realized the detectives must be on the verge of arresting someone. Finally, a man who had also been living in the house stood up and began confessing he had killed someone. As it turned out, there had actually been two murders: a mother and her daughter. The man confessed he had killed the daughter. He had taken a towel and wrapped it around her mouth and nose, smothering her to death. Then he had left. Later the mother had come into the room and had been stabbed to death, probably with a pair of scissors. It was beginning to look as if the mother had probably stabbed herself after she had found her daughter. But there was a flaw in this theory, because the murder weapon which had killed the mother had never been found. It didn't make sense to me that the mother could have committed suicide if the murder weapon was never found.

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