Dream of: 01 June 1992 (2) "Cheap Coins"

As I was standing outside the open driver's door of a car, picking up some papers which I had dropped, I found a couple coins which had small plastic black rings around them. One coin had the date "1920" on it; the other coin was newer. When I had first picked them up, I had thought they were two dimes, but when I looked at them more closely, I saw they weren't dimes. At first I thought the coins might be valuable, but then I realized the coins, as well as the car, belonged to my father, and since I knew my father was so cheap and never kept anything valuable, I thought the coins couldn't be valuable. I thought I would return the coins to my father when I saw him. I would probably see him soon, because I had borrowed the car from my father and I would soon be returning it.

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