Dream of: 30 May 1992 "Gargoyles"

As Carolina and I were walking around the streets of Portsmouth, we came to Portsmouth High School, where a crowd of people had gathered. A parade was going by. I thought Carolina would probably want to see it. But there was a wire fence, almost three meters tall in our way. When someone opened the fence, Carolina and I walked on through to the other side. Far down the street I could see a band which was coming toward us. But it looked as if it were going to take a while to reach us, and I really didn't want to wait.

As I looked around me, I saw some splendid buildings which I had never noticed before. I began pointing the buildings out to Carolina. One building in particular was gigantic. I noticed that it had some large gargoyles on it, and I recalled having heard someone say that there were four gargoyles on the building. Carolina and I began walking around the building, trying to spot all the gargoyles. I was unsure whether there were three or four. They were quite large and were up at the top of the building. They all had wings and terribly ugly faces.

As we walked I noticed what looked like a long thin plant, like some kind of bush, growing out of the side of the building. It looked as if it had been growing there a long time. I walked over to it and pulled it out. It had some dirt on it which I knocked off. I showed it to Carolina, then stuck it back in the building. .

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