Dream of: 19 May 1992 "Returning Keys"

I heard someone at the door of the house where I was, and I walked to the door to open it. I opened and found a woman (probably in her mid 20s) standing there. Although I had never seen the woman before, she reminded me of Kim. The woman began talking, and said she had heard that some nice men were in this neighborhood. She gave the clear impression that she would like to meet some of these men. But suddenly she jerked her hand out of her pocket and thrust it toward my stomach. I thought she might have a knife and was going to try to stab me, but then I looked down and saw that she was only holding some keys which she was handing to me. She had moved quickly so that if anyone was in the street, they wouldn't see what she was doing. The keys apparently belonged to me, and she was simply bringing them back to me.

She obviously wanted to come inside, so I stepped aside and let her enter. I shut the door behind us, and we walked into another room. Once we were in the other room, it seemed as if she were the person who actually lived in this house, and I was merely watching a scene between her and another fellow who had come to visit her.

The woman had a computer set up in the room, and the fellow (probably in his mid 20s) first began talking about her computer. He asked the woman if the computer did any tricks. He seemed to think the computer was only good for games, and he didn't seem to understand the sophisticated nature of the computer and what it was capable of.

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