Dream of: 18 May 1992 "Floating Bricks"

I was watching George H. W. Bush play golf. I thought to myself, then commented to someone else with me, that it seemed that Bush spent an awfully lot of time playing golf. And he still wasn't very good at it. It seemed as if he should be able to find better use for his time than playing golf.

Bush was having some trouble. Quite a bit of water was on the golf course, and Bush knocked his ball into some water. I watched as he waded right out into the water to get his ball. I thought if he walked out past a certain point, he would step over a drop-off, and he might even drown. And even as I was thinking this, Bush suddenly disappeared under the water. A crowd had gathered on the bank, and someone screamed out that Bush had disappeared. People began jumping into the water, groping for Bush; but no one could find him. I was actually hoping he would drown. But someone shouted out that he had resurfaced on the other shore. I looked across the water and saw something there. It looked as if it was Bush, that he had resurfaced.

I was standing in a small ditch, and I wanted to leave. Somehow, floating across the ditch, were some red bricks, like a small wall floating in mid air. I grabbed the bricks, intending to use them to climb out of the ditch. But when I did so I knocked the bricks out of place. I tried to stop them, but they fell to the ground. People were looking at me; but there was nothing I could do. I didn't see any way that I would be able to replace them. I thought I would simply have to leave them there.

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