Dream of: 16 May 1992 "Seeking Protection"

I was in Portsmouth. I had somehow become involved with a rough fellow. I had taken something from him, and I knew he was now looking for me. I was trying to get away from him. I decided to go pick up a strong black fellow whom I knew, so the black fellow could be my body guard. I thought I could pay the black fellow a little and he could protect me.

While on my way to pick up the black fellow, driving, I began having second thoughts about picking up the black fellow. I knew that although the black fellow was strong now, he was using drugs, and he would gradually become weaker.

As I drove along, the whole business in which I was involved began to seem more like a play that I had been reading and listening to. The play had been in French. As I listened, I couldn't understand all the words. I thought I needed to read more of the play, and then listen to isolated parts of it. Then I would better understand the French.

I was driving a large yellow school bus. I finally turned a corner onto the street where the black fellow lived. As I did so, I noticed a policeman behind me. I wasn't wearing a seat belt. I quickly began trying to put on a seat belt, hoping the policeman wouldn't stop me. I knew that since the black fellow lived on this street, the policeman might be conducting surveillance on his house. So I drove on by the house. The policeman also drove by the house and continued on. So I knew it would be all right this time -- that the policeman wasn't going to bother me.

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