Dream of: 14 May 1992 (2) "Flight Class"

Carolina was sitting on my right in a class about airplane flights. Thirty or forty people were in the class. As we sat here, a fellow in front of us stood up, and slightly pulled down his pants. But it wasn't enough so that anybody could see anything; just enough to make me wonder what was going on. Then Weinmann (junior high school classmate) stood up in the far left corner. It pulled his pants all the way down to his knees, so that his penis was hanging down in front. It was about fifteen centimeters long and had black pubic hairs. Everyone looked at him and gasped. I didn't know what to think. Finally he pulled his pants back up and sat down. The class continued, even though everyone was rather disconcerted.

The professor (a man) then began conducting the class, writing airplane charts and schedules on the blackboard.

In the meantime, a man (probably in his late 50s) was sitting on the other side of Carolina and he began rubbing his hand on Carolina's back. Obviously he was sexually interested in her. I thought if he wanted to get involved with her, I would probably permit it. I seemed to recall that she had already been involved with a fellow named Stuart (whom I used to know in Portsmouth) a couple times, and that hadn't bothered me. So I thought it might be possible for her to be involved with this man, although I wasn't yet sure.

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