Dream of: 14 May 1992 "Passing Through Customs"

I was at the Gay Street House, where I was looking at a lump of heroin about ten centimeters long a about five centimeters thick, which somewhat resembled a roll of bread. I began cutting it in slices like bread until I had about ten slices. I thought if I used a half slice of heroin a day it would last for 20 days. I could stay very high through all that time. Since I had never used heroin before, this was going to be a great opportunity for me.

I was thinking of leaving the United States for the East. As I thought of how I would take the heroin with me, I pictured in my mind someone sticking the heroin into their butt. I imagined the person bending over while passing through customs so that the heroin was visible. It didn't seem like a good idea to me. I was uncertain how I would take it, but at least I thought I was less likely to be checked going out of the United States than going into it.

I walked out of the House and began looking for some cigarette papers so I cold try the heroin. When I finally found some papers, I noticed my father walking around in the House. I walked around the block so he couldn't see me. When I came back and walked into the House, my father was shutting some doors. He stopped and asked me if I had been outside smoking a cigarette. I didn't want to admit that I had been smoking a cigarette, but since I didn't want to admit I had been smoking heroin, I told him I had been smoking a cigarette. It was obviously going to be difficult to explain why I had been smoking cigarettes.

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