Dream of: 13 May 1992 "Botswana"

I had been stranded for quite a while in a little hut in the wilderness of Africa. When a jeep finally drove up, I was so weak from hunger, I had barely enough strength to holler out, "Help! Help!"

The man driving the jeep couldn't hear me, however, and he drove on. It wasn't long before a second jeep, driven by a black man, drove up and stopped. I quickly boarded the jeep and we took off.

We drove and drove, over rocks, and hills and boulders. It was a treacherous area and I was constantly afraid we would wreck. But the jeep continued on. We finally reached a small hut in the middle of the wilderness. I didn't know where we were, but we both got out of the jeep, and I began looking around. I thought we might be in Botswana, but I wasn't even sure where Botswana was. I was really lost, and I asked the fellow where we were.

We were up on a ridge, and I could see down into a valley below us. As I stood looking down into the valley, spears suddenly began flying through the air toward me. Realizing we were under attack from all sides by natives, I began running back toward the hut. Some spears barely missed me. Since so many natives were against just the two of us, I realized we didn't have a chance. I could see the jungle and a trail into it not far away. I thought I would make a mad dash toward the jungle and try to hide there.

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