Dream of: 08 May 1992 "Milking The Cow"

As I was on the back porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse, looking in the direction of the Cabin, I found myself staring at a mountain and the shadow of a helicopter on the mountain. I continued looking until a large helicopter appeared from behind the mountain, flying low toward the Farmhouse. With the letters "AA" (for American Airlines) emblazoned on the side, the helicopter flew past the Farmhouse, landed on wheels like those of a truck, and rolled to a stop. Some people began climbing out.

I hollered to my grandmother Mabel, my step-grandfather Clarence and my father (all in the Farmhouse) and they walked out onto the back porch. I thought an executive from American Airlines was in the helicopter, and that he wanted to buy the Farm. I said to the others, "They probably want to buy the Farm."

I thought the executive would probably give a good price for the Farm; selling the Farm didn't seem like a bad idea. When I thought about my Cabin, however, I thought I would like to keep it.

We stood watching as four or five men and two young boys climbed out of the helicopter and walked up to the Farmhouse. As soon as they reached the Farmhouse, we shook hands with them. One boy pulled out a camera and wanted to take a picture of my family. We stood while he took two pictures.

It seemed that a large black and white cow standing nearby had been brought by the people in the helicopter as a present. I walked over to the cow and began imagining what it would be like to milk the cow. I imagined squeezing on the udder enough to obtain a whole can of milk. I wondered whether the milk could be drunk like it was, or whether it would first have to be heated.

When I finally tired of my fantasy (even though milk still remained in the cow), my mother (who was standing nearby) said she was going to try to get some milk from the cow.

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