Dream of: 06 May 1992 "Christ Playing A Guitar"

I had found out that Jesus Christ had come to town, apparently traveling from town to town, and I decided I would like to see him. Having learned he was traveling in a white van, I found out where he was, went to the van and saw some men with long hair and beards getting out of the van. As each man stepped from the van, I thought he might be Jesus Christ, but none were.

Finally I went into the van myself, and had a vision of Christ sitting in the van, playing a guitar. I could also hear his voice. He was telling someone else to bring in the person who had abjured sex to talk with him. I knew he was talking about me, and that one of the reasons he wanted to talk with me was because I had abjured sex. I knew that having abjured sex made me special, so Christ would want to talk with me.

I heard Christ ask if I had abstained from sex for at least one day. I knew I had abstained for longer than that, but he was only concerned that I had made the decision to abstain from sex, and that I had abstained for at least one day. I thought that was definitely true.

I looked down at my hand and saw that I was wearing a golden wedding band. I knew that since I had given up sex, I needed to resolve this question of what the wedding band meant. There seemed to be somewhat of a conflict there.

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