Dream of: 01 May 1992 "Reasonably Prudent"

I was in a large law class being taught by a man (probably in his 40s). The students were given the task of writing a report and were given several different topics from which to choose. I choose a topic dealing with marijuana, and began writing in red ink.


The following day, after I had completed one page of the report, I returned to the class. When I looked around and saw that other people had written two- or three-page reports, I felt as if I needed to write more.

I had divided my report into five sections, and had completed only four of the sections. I began working on the last section, at first using blue ink, and then switching back to red ink so the ink would match with what I had already written. Concentrating on search and seizure law, I was trying to think of some aspect of search and seizure law which would prevent a search from taking place. I couldn't recall exactly, but it seemed that if a person was in a place where it was "reasonably prudent" to be, then the person couldn't be searched. I also thought the test had something to do with whether the search was "capricious."

I began wondering if the teacher might ask me to bring some marijuana to the classroom as part of the assignment. I thought I would refuse to do that since I could be arrested. In fact I might even threaten the teacher with arrest for asking me to do such a thing.

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