Dream of: 30 April 1992 "Nazi Paraphernalia"

Jon was telling be about a place where he wanted to go. On a map he showed me the place which he called the "Colorado Area." The place seemed to be on the southeastern tip of Texas, but I couldn't remember any place by that name down there, and I wondered if the place was actually near the western edge of Texas. I couldn't figure out where the place was by looking at the map, because I seemed to be looking at the map backwards.

The more I studied the map, however, the more it began to seem as if I were already at the place, actually looking at it. One area appeared sandy like a desert. Above and beyond the desert was a plateau, which I thought was called an "escarpment." I remembered having read about escarpments in Texas. This area, covered with rocks and green trees, rose up above the surrounding area.

I also realized Jon and I were with a group of several other men who obviously were planning to go hiking; they wanted to know if Jon and I wanted to go with them. The men were going to be climbing over a steep area and it would be somewhat dangerous; but I thought I would like to go anyway. We all began climbing down until we soon found ourselves in what appeared to be the basement of a house. As we passed through the basement, I struggled to understand what we were doing in the house. I finally concluded the path which we were following simply went through the basement. The house was constructed of red brick and looked quite grandiose. I concluded that someone must simply be living out here.

A huge motorcycle, almost as tall as me, was in the basement. Quite a few other possessions were also sitting around, and I concluded that whoever lived here had quite a bit of money.

A thin woman (about 50 years old) walked into the room. She was clearly the woman of the house. I asked her if she minded that people were going through her house like this. It seemed that she did mind, but she wasn't going to protest against it. I wondered if she had grown up in this area, and I asked her. She replied that she had grown up in the area. I wondered how many people had come from other areas and moved into this area. I knew the area was sparsely settled, out in the middle of nowhere, but I didn't ask the woman about that.


Jon and I were talking to the man of the house a thin grizzled fellow (about 50 years old). We were sitting at a table which appeared to be in a restaurant. The man seemed to be impressed that both Jon and I were lawyers, and it seemed the man even wanted us to move out here to this area. The man questioned whether Jon should be leaving his parents. It seemed that the man put a lot of emphasis on family ties.

For some reason I didn't care for the man. I could imagine that somewhere in his house, perhaps at the end of a long corridor in the basement, was a room filled with Nazi material and paraphernalia. I could imagine that the man was a Nazi at heart, and that he often went into that room. I wondered what would happen if I were to wander into that room and he were to catch me there.

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