Dream of: 29 April 1992 (2) "Back Arch"

I was in a classroom in which I had been taking classes for several days. I knew I needed to do some yoga exercises because I hadn't been doing the exercises lately. I finally decided I was simply going to have to go back into a corner of the classroom and do some of the exercises.

I walked back to the corner and began doing a back stand on my neck and elbows. I was having a difficult time. I had to take off my black sweater with the design on the front which I was wearing. I got down to my tee shirt. I did the exercise for 5-6 minutes. When I finished, everyone in the class was standing up and looking at me. Everyone was quite impressed, even though I had had some difficulty while doing the exercise.

When everyone had sat back down and left me alone, I did a back arch, pushing myself up with my hands and feet on the ground. When I came back down, I could feel the pain in my shoulders, as if I hadn't been doing the exercises for a while. But it still felt good to get started doing them again.

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