Dream of: 25 April 1992 "Alien Ghosts"

Another person and I had gone to a large modern house to see about either buying or renting it. When we reached the house, a man and woman invited us in and told us a little about the house. It appeared to have four stories. On one level was a kitchen, on another a living room and on a third were the bedrooms. The bedrooms were between the living room and kitchen, which seemed a bit inconvenient to me.

The man and woman said they were leaving but that we could stay and look at the house after they left. At first I thought that seemed nice, but gradually I became suspicious of such a strange act. Finally when the woman was sitting down at a table in the kitchen. I walked up to her, grabbed her face and began pulling on it. I had just realized they were alien beings from another planet. I accused them as such and when they admitted it, my friend and I took off running out of the house.

Outside we found ourselves on a street on top of a hill covered with houses. We ran down the street heading down hill. We cut across a yard to more quickly proceed to the next street which wound down the hill. As we ran, on my right I noticed a large area with white brick sticking out of the ground arranged like tombstones. It occurred to me that those were tombstones for the aliens and that the whole neighborhood was made of aliens. It then occurred to me that the height of the madness would be for us to encounter alien ghosts. And just the thought made me realize it was possible. I picked up my pace trying to get out of the place.

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