Dream of: 21 April 1992 "Mystery of Life"

I was in a car with my mother and my brother Chris. We were in Canada. A cat was also in the car with us. I was holding on to the cat for a while. Although we were in a car, we were driving on railroad tracks. We were on a vacation and were touring around. It began to seem peculiar to me that no other cars were on this long railroad tracks. All I could see was woods all around us. There was also a lot of water around us. I became somewhat concerned, because I thought if something happened, we could end up sinking in the water. I didn't know if I would be able to save Chris is such a situation. He was sitting to my left and I was holding on to him. I knew he couldn't swim, so I would have to try to hold onto him.

I was wearing large black boots and a jacket. If we crashed into the water it would be difficult to try to save Chris. I thought I might have to let him go and let him drown. That might even be the best thing for him. I might try to save my mother instead. But I really was unsure what I would do.

As we continued along, I noticed some enormous trees off to our right, and I pointed them out to my mother. I began talking about life, and how the trees could represent the mystery of life. I thought about how there would always be something to live for if there was a mystery to solve. I continued looking at the large dark trees which seemed so beautiful and mysterious.

But as I was looking at the trees, I noticed that the car had stopped and had started going backwards. The car then started going straight up perpendicularly. At this point Chris was right behind me. He rolled out of the car onto the train track. Only it was only his head which rolled out, which was about the size of an apple. He was only a small round ball. He rolled down the train tracks, down some girders, and finally into some weeds. My mother stayed in the car while I jumped out and ran after Chris. I went far down below the tracks, which seemed to be on a bridge up above me, and I searched through the weeds. Suddenly I looked back up at the tracks; some cars were coming in the direction which we had been headed.

Suddenly the cars began crashing off the bridge. I just stood watching, trying to judge whether the cars were going to hit me. As the cars crashed up all around me, I backed up, and saw another train tracks which went off into some woods. I followed the other track into the woods until I could stop and watch the cars crash one after the other off the tracks.

I concluded that something must have gone wrong with the way the tracks had been set up.

Finally the crashing stopped and I walked over to the cars. There were dozens. I looked into the first car I came to and saw a woman (about 20 years old) inside. She was sitting behind the steering wheel. I opened up the front passenger door and touched her to see if she were all right. She moved, so I knew that she was still alive. She began talking about how she just needed change for the toll road. Obviously she was in a state of shock.

I took her from the car. She had blood all over her. I took her over to a nearby field and laid her down. She could barely walk.

I returned to the other cars and saw that people were everywhere trying to get out of their cars. I hollered out to see if anyone was uninjured so that they could help with the others. A couple other uninjured people came up to me, and together we began pulling other people from their cars. I pulled one woman from a car and picked her up and carried her in my arms. Some people began spreading out blankets and laying the injured people on the blankets. Just as I was putting the woman down whom I was carrying, I thought I heard a bone crack. I realized her bones were probably broken and that it was probably dangerous to even be carrying her around. After laying her down, I walked back to look for more people to help.

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