Dream of: 20 April 1992 "Woman's Nightgown"

As I was riding around in a car, I came to an apartment complex where I thought Mark Linnimon (a fellow whom I first met at the Dallas Zen Center in 1986) used to live. I recalled he used to have a blue and white van, and as I drove past the apartments, I looked for it. When I finally saw a van which looked like Linnimon's, I parked my car, got out, and walked over to it. Once I was standing beside the van, I thought I could hear someone inside. I tapped on the side of the van, and then heard a voice inside. When someone pulled back the curtain on the inside of the van, I was surprised to see my old friend Roger Anderson inside, wearing a woman's nightgown.

As I stood there, Mark walked out of an apartment. He walked over to me and we talked for a little bit.

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