Dream of: 19 April 1992 "The Tempest"

My wife Carolina and I were walking along a street together. Earlier we had been with Carolina's mother, Paz, but we had become separated from Paz, and now we were trying to find her. I recalled that when we had been with Paz, Paz had mentioned something about "Coyote Street," and I kept looking for that street. I was doubtful we would be able to find Paz again.

I was carrying a small knapsack, while Carolina was having a difficult time pushing a baby carriage. She would sometimes get confused and become unable to guide it correctly. She was basically causing a lot of problems. As I grew more and more tired of walking, I told Carolina, who was walking ahead of me, that I might have to rent a car.

As we continued walking, I thought I saw Paz, who was wearing a red and white dress, enter a store. We headed for the store, intending to go inside, but before we reached it, I saw another store, a second-hand store, in which I recalled I had once been before, and we decided to go into it for a few minutes first. As we entered the second-hand store, I set my knapsack down, thinking that if I did not, people would think I was stealing things in it. We walked into the one small room of the store. We quickly glanced around, saw that there was not much to see, and started to leave.

Just as we were about to walk out, I noticed some other rooms in the store, and so we walked into them. One room appeared to have auto parts, but that room did not interest me and we did not go into it. I saw another room for clothes, and yet in another room I saw a lot of books. The store was beginning to look more interesting, and I headed toward the room with the books.

I walked toward the books, and the first thing I saw was a small pamphlet about dreams. I picked it up and leafed through it. The book was designed in a question and answer format, with a Q. and an A. It looked as if somebody had been asking someone about the person's dreams, and the person answering the questions had told of the kind of dreams the person had had. Some of the questions mentioned Sigmund Freud. I thought I probably should start buying some books about dreams in general. This might be a good book; but I put it back anyway and walked on.

I next noticed some copies of the German magazine "Der Spiegel." An oriental fellow was looking at them. Two of the magazines had pictures of the Tiannamen Square Massacre. One magazine showed the picture of a Chinese woman who appeared to be screaming in pain. I thought that it was a famous picture and that I had seen it before. Since the Massacre had taken place quite a while ago, I thought the copies of the magazines were fairly old, and since I was not interested in buying any of the magazines, I kept looking around.

Near the magazines were some paperbacks. One was about a war which had taken place in Europe, a war which I had never heard about. The book was rather thick. It seemed as if Russia might have been involved in the war. I thought about buying the book, but I did not.

I saw some large books which looked as if they contained famous literature, especially Italian literature and plays. I noticed a woman sitting nearby, and I saw some paperback books behind her. When I looked at the paperbacks, it appeared they were all by William Shakespeare. There were perhaps 20 altogether. One was The Tempest. I thought of buying one, but I decided not to, and we walked on.

In another section of the store I saw some old computers, or old electric typewriters. I was not interested in those. I saw some other people crowding around and I followed them until we came to some more books. I now saw some National Geographic magazines and some large dictionaries. The wall was covered with shelves of books. One large set of books was high on a shelf. I thought they might be some kind of encyclopedia, but I was unsure. A fellow reached up and took one of the books down, but then he quickly put it back. The books did not look like anything which would really interest me.

I finally walked toward the back of the store, where behind a counter, I saw a large piano about three meters tall. It was an old wooden piano with dark brown wood. Looking at it more closely, I saw it was peculiarly made. It looked as if some keys were stuck in a pressed down position. It was obviously very old and quite elaborately designed. I thought I might even like to buy it myself and try to fix it. That would be challenging. I already had an old organ which I had bought and never gotten around to fixing. Trying to fix this gigantic old piano would be interesting.

As I examined it, I somehow managed to tilt the piano back over on its back. Nobody was paying any attention to what I was doing. Finally I realized I needed to get out of there. I saw Carolina and headed toward her to leave.

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