Dream of: 15 April 1992 "Planting Trees"

I was inside the new milk house on the Gallia County Farm. Everyone else had left so no one but I was here. However, out on the road I saw someone riding a bicycle toward the Farmhouse. When the bicyclist turned around and began riding away from the Farmhouse, I noticed his red hair and realized he was Altizer. I ran out of the barn and hollered, "Gary!"

He turned around and began riding back toward me. When he reached me, I asked him how he was doing and how he had been. I then began talking with him about trees. I told him that I would like to plant acres and acres of trees, and then harvest them some day. He told me he had been doing the same thing. He had quite a bit of land with trees on it. He planned to determine when the trees should be cut down.

In my mind I began thinking what a complicated process that would be. It would be necessary to determine the numbers of trees per acre to determine when would be the best economic time to cut them. However it sounded like something I would really like to do.

I thought if I planted trees, I could also plant grass around the trees and I could have sheep to graze on the grass. Then I could get the wool from the sheep. I thought I would enjoy doing that. I should get at least one acre of land to start with. I could plant one acre of trees, and then I could expand from that.

I was glad to see Altizer again and discuss my plans with him.

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