Dream of: 14 April 1992 "Bears In A Cave"

Several other people and I were together in a mountainous area; we were planning a hiking trip through the mountains with a guide who was with us. I thought the trip would be wonderful and I was looking forward to the experience. Before we left, we all looked at a map and were shown an area inhabited by large white bears. This particular type of bear was almost extinct, with only a few left in the world. These bears were similar to polar bears, but were called "Klondike" bears. Along with the map, pictures of the bears were shown to us. We were shown a place on the map, off one of the roads, where the bears were reported to live. While we were on our trip, we were going to try to spot some of the bears.

When we started on the hike, a large mountain loomed before us. I heard someone talking about the bears, saying that large bales of hay had been put out for shelter for the bears, and some bears had even begun living in the bales of hay. The theory was that the inside of the bales was like a cave for the bears.

We were all given instructions about what to do should we encounter any of the bears. As we continued our hike, marching along, I began to notice that it seemed as if we ourselves were in a narrow cave.

Two people were in front of me. I could see that up ahead the cave came to a "T," so it branched off to the right and to the left. Just as the two people ahead of me reached the "T," there was a commotion, and I saw one of them pulled to the right and the other pulled to the left. Suddenly I saw: large white bears pulling the people, who disappeared right in front of me.

As I started to back up, two or three of the bears started charging right at me; only they didn't look like bears – they looked like large wolves. As I heard the animals growl, I thought the people behind me were already running, and I flashed that I also needed to run. But I also remembered some of the instructions which we had received: if we encountered bears and showed any kind of fear and tried to run, the bears would attack; but if I stood firm, the bears wouldn't attack.

So I stood and stared at the bears. I didn't feel afraid. I just wanted to see what they would do. They rushed right up in front of me, stopped, and with terrible looks on their faces, growled at me. They looked as if they were going to jump on me, but they just stood there growling. Then, slowly, they began backing away.

When the bears were far enough away, I began backing up until I reached the other hikers. Two men who were in charge of the expedition said I had done a good job. They said if I had run, the bears or wolves or whatever they were definitely would have attacked me, and probably would have killed me. I could just imagine the animals tearing off one of my legs if they had attacked. The two men said I could have shot the animals if they had attacked, and it did seem that I had a gun with me. But I reflected that the thought of shooting the animals hadn't even crossed my mind. Now all I felt was relief.

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