Dream of: 07 April 1992 "Absque Est"

For a short while, I had been in a house in Columbus, Ohio, where several other students were staying. From the second story living room I could look out and see other apartments below. An attractive shapely blonde (probably in her early 20s) walked into the room. Stopping a few centimeters from my face, she began talking fast, asking me if I thought it was proper for people to be staying in her section during a break when everyone was leaving school. Other people came into the room and listened. Obviously she didn't want the students to be able to stay there during the school break. Although I liked the woman and I wanted her to like me, I told her I thought it was proper. Some people sitting on a couch nodded in assent to what I said.

As I was planning to go to a library, I was either watching television - or I had a vision in my mind - and I saw a large group of people milling around and speaking Latin. I recalled that Latin was supposed to spoken in a monotone without accents. That people could talk without accents seemed strange to me. I thought I wanted to start studying Latin again. I heard someone say the words "Absque est" and I tried to remember what the words meant, but I couldn't.

I walked into the next room, saw Mary (a classmate from junior high school) who had also apparently moved into the house, and asked her if she wanted to go to the library with me. I thought since we were both from Portsmouth and had moved to Columbus, we would have something to talk about. When she said she would go with me, I told her I would be ready in about five minutes.

I walked upstairs, and into a large room which seemed to be on cargo airplane. Several other people were in the room and we apparently were headed to Europe. I told them that when I arrived in Europe I was planning to study Shopenhauer, Heidegger, and Einstein. Some laughed at the idea that I would be thinking of studying all those people. I myself was uncertain I would be able to do it, even though I was thinking about it.

The airplane began spinning around, the pilot having obviously lost control. The plane spun around several times, finally leveling out again and resuming on course. Apparently a man had caused a disturbance in the front of the plane. Gradually I realized that the other people wanted me and the fellow who had started the disturbance to get off the plane, and board one of the several other planes which were flying along with this one.

I refused to get off the plane. I wanted to go up front and talk with the man who had been causing the disturbance. I thought I might just knock him out with my fist. I also envisioned him as looking like Kirk Douglas.

Some of the others and I then headed to the front of the plane. We first had to climb ladders and pass through several rooms. We passed many people along the way, and the area looked more like a building than a plane.

Someone asked me if I had brought a cashmere coat with me which I was supposed to bring. Apparently it was supposed to get cold. I said, "No, I never brought it."

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