Dream of: 06 April 1992 "Den Of Bears"

While in a wooded area I noticed a large tree. I stuck a stick into it and after deducing that it was rotten and hollow inside, knocked it over. It fell onto a wire fence, and I started hitting it, trying to knock it off the fence. I broke off the bottom part of the tree, but the rest was still hanging on the fence. I kept poking with the stick on the tree's interior, until I saw what appeared to be a dead animal inside. I also noticed an odor as of something dead emanating from the inside the tree. With further scrutiny I realized it wasn't a dead animal in the tree, but live, brown bears. It was a den of bears and the odor was from something they had been eating.

I ran toward a black van parked nearby. It seemed that Steve Buckner might be in the van. When I looked back I saw a small bear running after me. Behind it was its large mother.

It looked as if Steve were sitting on a bicycle beside the van. I ran toward the van as fast as I could. The bears were fast; I was unsure I would be able to beat them to the van.

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